Link to Sandy's collection of Magicquartz Comics material.
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I have stuff in multiple places.  Feel free to browse these links and find out more about the magic behind Magicquartz.

It's true, my art is all over the place, and there is some art from K Cornell, and Jason Dube in other areas of Deviant.  Also feel free to check out other sites which I will now post for you.

This was a game card created for me by a fellow card creator. Artwork is originally drawn by me, of Magicquartz Comics.

Now for the fun stuff.
workhorse comics group

This site is where you will find my sponsor and publisher's company, Workhorse Comics.  It's a members only area but if you wish to join, feel free to follow instructions as to how to become a member.




Other places to find Magicquartz Material.
my drunk duck address where I have my series.

This is where Cuatro and the Zylonian Knights is getting a test run.  Check it out.

My deviant account.

Another place to see stuff from concept to color.

This is K. Cornells Deviant account Be sure to place a description of your link for your viewers here!
My fanclub group.

Getting curious about Cuatro and the Zylonian Knights?  Feel free to pop in and give this group a visit.

My VCL gallery.

Look for more furry fun creations coming from Magicquartz Comics.

coming soon.


coming soon


Coming soon.


coming soon.