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Magicquartz Comics is proud to announce the coming of Samurai Raccoon, which should be publishing in the winter of 2005  Magicquartz specializes in Anthropromorphic art.  Stay tuned as more details about this series arrive.

A series in the works.

Jason Dube and K Cornell are teaming up to bring what could be the next fling in Anthropromorphic art. 

  Introducing Kathryn Zodiac of Samurai Raccoon.

This is Kathryn Zodiac, one of many delightful characters of Samurai Raccoon.  This young duchess is subject to many abductions and has many adventures along with Cherry Blossom, the star of Samurai Raccoon.  Images of Cherry Blossom are soon in coming.  Stay tuned! 

Samurai Raccoon is property of K Cornell, and illustrated by Jason Dube of Magicquartz Comics.

Why are we called Magicquartz?

Because creation is Magic!  And magic is imagination!  If you are among one of many talented and creative artists, then you'll enjoy what Magicquartz Comics has to offer.  Each series has a little bit of everything to please even the most curious of comic book readers.

From the book of Jason Dube.

Magicquartz Comics is proud to welcome talented artist Jason Dube to our gradually growing staff.  His characters are unique, and full of personality.  So be on the look out for his work in Samurai Raccoon.

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Serenity of Samurai Raccoon.

This is just one of many characters that are going to be featured in Samurai Raccoon, writen by K cornell and illustrated by Jason Dube.

and another coming soon..

Just when you thought there was only one publication being worked on in the realm of Magicquartz... See following page for details.