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Aspiring comic book artist, Sandy Panico.

Until last year, I've been doing all my illustrations using traditional media.  But then, my new computer changed my life and my medium of choice.  I am now expanding my digital gallery, and to the right of this information, is one of my earliest works in Jasc Paint Shop Pro.  This was the very first of my pieces working with multiple layers.  Now, I've come a long way since I began working with paint shop pro.  And most of my work if not a all of it, is scanned and digitally colorized.

It's all in the imagination.

Dare to be different, I always say.  All characters illustrated on this site are original characters from both myself, and a good friend of mine, K. Cornell, who I credit the creation of Kathryn Zodiac, and Princess Serenity.  K. has given me permission to draw her characters and to feature them in my projects.  Serenity is one of the main characters of Tales of a Spanish Knight, with permission of course.

When in doubt form a team.

Enough about me.  Now, to introduce you to a little company I've established with two of my clossest friends, K Cornell and Frank Nadeau.  Together, we are currently assembling a small company known as MagicquartzComics.  We've yet to assemble all our ideas, but we are working earnestly on that.  Please, keep posted for latest developments regarding Magicquartz Comics.

Just another place where you can view my project in the works.



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