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Over the summer, I started the script work for Tales of a Spanish Knight.  Just recently, I began fleshing out the main characters and have begun work on a calandar project which I hope will serve as merchandise and a prelude to the book itself.  Here, featured, is the first illustration for the calandar project.  It features two of the main characters, of the story itself.

Featured Characters: Reinaldo Garcia and his father, Ignassio.

Tales of a Spanish Knight takes place in a small village known as Campo De Leon, and is similar to the old fashioned swash buckling adventures of Zorro and Robin Hood.  Swashfur has not made a comeback since the early eighties, and by launching this project, I hope to bring back some old time swash buckling action to the comic book industry. 

Some projects in the making.

The project starts as any other.  First the script, then the character development.  Here are just some examples of character development.

About Magicquartz Comics.

After trying to submit my ideas to professional comic book companies, and getting absolutely nowhere, I decided that going independent was the best thing for me to do.  This has also inspired me to establish a comic book company for aspiring comic book artists.  It's a place where the ameture artist can make a name for themselves, where they don't have to go through a bunch of red tape to get known. 

Magicquartz is currently looking for new members and aspiring artists, and writers to come in and present their own works for publication.  Right now, Tales of a Spanish Knight is my personal project which will be printed through Magicquartz Comics.  Sorry, no professional artists are allowed.  But if you're aspiring to be an artist, please, feel free to enquire about Magicquartz  at my email address.  Whoever enquires, is automatically accepted into the company.



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Main character of latest project.

These sketches are of Reinaldo, as a youngster.  They are drawn simply to get a feel for the character's poses and the composition as a whole.